Frequently Asked Questions

Champion Valves

The Champion Valves, designed with advanced Smoothing Technology for improved performance, are compatible with Olympus, Fujifilm, and Pentax.

Specifically, they cover the GI Endoscope on Olympus® 160/180/190/240/260/290/1100/1200/1500 Series Endoscopes, on Fujifilm 700 Series Endoscope and the Pentax 90/i10 Series Endoscope.

The structure of EUS Scope is different from the therapeutic GI Endoscope. The Champion Valve range is designed for the therapeutic GI Endoscope only.

The Champion Valve Set is compatible with Endoscope of the above-mentioned range for ERCP procedure.

The Champion Valves have been developed with sustainability in mind. The packaging includes the outer box, the Blister Tray and Medical Paper are recyclable, following your local recycling policy.