Improve endoscopy infection prevention and process efficiency

With a strong understanding of the users’ needs and the interests of patients, we design and manufacture Andorate endoscopic devices for air and water delivery in endoscope procedures to reduce the risk of infection, improve productivity, and ultimately achieve better outcomes.


The power of Andorate

From early diagnosis to minimally invasive therapy, the safety and effectiveness of each procedure are at the centre of all our Andorate devices. Every detail in the product comes from listening and observing the users’ working life, and this allows us to mindfully design every component and create a portfolio of advanced devices from suction, air and water supply to endoscope transport and storage.

Valve Set

As an endoscopic device manufacturer, we appreciate valves play an essential role in every endoscopy procedure for suction, air and water supply and biopsy sample collection. Andorate has overcome various issues in the valves, such as stickiness, auto-suction, and leaking, and achieved consistent and excellent performance. In multiple configurations, Andorate valves are compatible with Olympus, Pentax, and Fujifilm GI endoscopes.

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Vacutore Air-water Bottle Tubing

Andorate air water bottle tubing is designed to connect sterile water bottles and the air supply source compatible with the three major endoscopy brands. To clean the lens for clear vision, Andorate air water bottle tubing works with Andorate air water valves to effectively control the air and water supply during the endoscopy surgery. Andorate air/water bottle tubing is 24-hour use, compatible with primary sterile water bottles in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom and Australasia.

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Bite Block

Every detail of our Andorate bite blocks has been designed to offer extra patient comfort and protect the endoscope from damage.

With contoured edges and malleable frames for a better fit, Andorate bite blocks use cut-outs for easy manipulation and provide the option of additional foam protection in the biting area.

Each product has a different feature here.

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Biopsy Valve

The biopsy valve is the most underrated device used with the scope. FDA classifies biopsy valves as a Class 2 product which gives the biopsy valve the attention it deserves.

Why biopsy valve is so important?

1. It maintains the air pressure during the procedure.
2. It seals off the biohazards inside the endoscope, preventing them from leaking.
3. It provides the passage for biopsy instruments to get through the endoscope.

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Polyp Trap

GA Health understands the importance of polypectomy. Andorate presents a wide range of polyp traps with thoughtful designs to secure effective and safe specimen collection. All Andorate polyp traps are made to reduce specimen exposure to healthcare workers. (Each product has a different feature here.)

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Irrigation Connector

What is the most important job of an irrigation connector besides connecting the irrigation tubing to the scope?

That is to prevent contaminated water in the endoscope channel from backflowing to the 24-hour multi-patient use water bottle.

Too much resistance will reduce the irrigation water flow. Too little resistance will fail to prevent the backflow. Andorate knows the key to this balance.

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Aquapulse Irrigation Tubing

What can possibly go wrong with the irrigation during the GI procedure?

Dripping, blowing up, breaking up, backflow, no priming could appear.

Andorate irrigation tubing gives a 24-hour stable and reliable flow. With the anti-backflow valve, the 24-hour use irrigation tubing with the single-patient use connector provides safe GI irrigation.

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Reusable Connector

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Air Supply

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