Endo Transport and Storage

Protect your endoscope

One tip guard fits most of the endoscopes.

The distal end is an endoscope's most fragile and easily damaged part. The tip houses the light guide lens assemblies, the CCD colour chip, the protective C-cover, and the channel openings (biopsy/suction channel and air/water channel). A scratched or fractured distal end lens may have issues distributing light, and a broken seal around the lens may cause fluid invasion during reprocessing.

Any impact on the distal end can harm the scope's imaging quality or compromise its electrical insulation properties. Impacts mainly cause light guide lens damage, such as the tip hitting the floor or striking against peripheral equipment. Impacts can occur during transport, inspection or maintenance and have serious consequences.

Tip Guard

How to reduce wear-and-tear during the endoscope transport and storage?

Ordinary products like the sponge do not allow the scope to dry completely, and the mesh tube does not provide strong protection. When we were putting ideas together, we set a clear objective for this product to protect the scope during transport and storage with zero moisture.

Zero moisture requires a great ventilation structure.

The greater the ventilation, the less contact with the scope.

Andorate tip guard is designed to softly attach to this scope at all times during transport and storage, with as little as possible contact with the scope.

We even gave ourselves a further push to develop the tip guard to fit most of the scopes.

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