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GA Health’s employees are committed to becoming the solution provider for our users 

GA Health is a learning and growing organisation. We are passionate about realising the vision of becoming the leading solution provider for endoscopic infection prevention by prioritising users’ needs. 

Hong Kong, 2 September 2022 – GA Health launched the new employee branding. The revitalised brand presents our company’s shift from manufacturing to proactive product development for endoscopic infection prevention.

GA Health’s headquarters is based in Hong Kong, with 25 employees in Product Development and Management, Marketing, Global Supply Chain Operations, Quality and Compliance, IT and Finance.


Sapphire stands for integrity, commitment, and trust.
Apricot presents passion and dynamic. 

GA Health’s infection prevention journey dates to 1995 in the midst of the Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) outbreak in the UK. Ken Mc Cabe, the co-founder of GA Health, was invited by Manchester Royal Eye Hospital to develop a solution to prevent the potential transmission of this terrible disease during eye surgery. He took on the challenge and succeeded in being the pioneer in developing ophthalmic instruments for single-patient use in these critical procedures, forever changing infection prevention in ophthalmology. 

Today, GA Health is a trusted name for infection prevention, especially in endoscopy.

It was not smooth sailing to where we are today. We have learnt heavily from a significant product issue, and finally, we realise it’s all about understanding the end user.

We took a step back to study endoscopic procedures, sent staff to the hospital to take training for eight months, and through this process, we finally started to understand the root causes. That was in early 2019. This is the shift of GA Health from pure manufacturing to proactive product development.

Building Andorate to serve every step in an endoscopy cycle is our dream. GA Hong Kong, China and Ireland are determined to work enthusiastically to realise this dream for the best patient outcomes.

Cindy Ye, Our co-founder and CEO, shares the company’s story and points out the new direction of becoming the world leader in endoscopic infection prevention. Cindy also clearly states that we could have been out of business if we had not adapted to the new direction.  
GA Health | UK | Andorate | Endo Procedure
The GA Health staff are excited with the company’s new vision.
GA Health | UK | Andorate | Endo Procedure
Jane Lo, our Head of Global Operations, tells her story with GA Health. Her message is, GA Health is a place for talents to grow and thrive as long as you are willing to take challenges. 
GA Health | UK | Andorate | Endo Procedure
Matthew Chan, our Technical Product Manager, expressed his inspiration to become user-focus from a feature-focus mindset.
GA Health | Andorate | UK | Endo Procedure
Kacia, Natalie, Carolyn and Iwan, who graduated from Biomedical Engineering, share their stories of how changing the mindset to user-focus helps them solve issues in quality engineering, design and project management.
The Q&A time 
GA Health | UK | Andorate | Endo Procedure
We play team-building games. The GA Health employees have a strong bond of understanding each other.

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