Champion Valves

Key Features

Less Resistance

The Champion, designed explicitly for endoscopic applications, provides an exceptionally smooth user experience by decreasing friction in the valve control mechanisms.

Tactile Feedback

The Champion provides precise and instant feedback, enabling the effective and accurate control of air and water during endoscopic procedures.

Reduced Finger Fatigue 

The Champion requires only a light depressing force, significantly reducing discomfort in physicians' fingers during procedures.

Champion Valves  ​

Provide enhanced performance with advanced Smoothening Technology​​

The Champion Valves incorporate sealing rings meticulously designed using our advanced Smoothening Technology, aiming for better user experience and improved patient outcomes.​​

Champion Valves are developed with sustainability in mind.​​

The packaging is made with recyclable paper and is printed with plant-based ink, ensuring minimal environmental impact.​​

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