Protego Tubing System final

Key Features

Worldwide Patented Backflow Prevention Technology

Protego functions as a shield to prevent contaminated fuels from travelling back into the water bottle, improving user and patient safety

Designed for User Convenience

Protego features color-coded tubing and connector for easy identification. With a streamlined one-click open and close mechanism, Protego connector locks firmly and correctly to ensure unwavering connectivity

Cost-effective solution

Protego tubing designed for 24-hour use eliminates the need to replace the tubing and water bottles for high-risk patients, saving money and reducing waste.

Protego Air-water Tubing System

Designed with patented backflow prevention technology, Protego provides prevention of the contaminated fluid travelling back to the air- water bottle during gastroenterology procedures.​

Providing cost-effective solution​

The Protego Air-water Tubing System comprises one single patient-use connector and one bottle tubing set for multi-patient use over 24 hours. It also makes the way easier and providing higher efficiency of the GI procedures in the whole day.​