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The new Andorate product portfolio was successfully Introduced at Medica

At Medica 2022 in Düsseldorf, Germany, GA Health proudly presents Andorate, a portfolio of high-quality and reliable devices for infection prevention from endoscopy preparation and procedure to endoscope cleaning, transport, and storage. Andorate serves in every step of the endoscopy cycle.

It was great to meet all the visitors at Medica. We are excited about the opportunity to expand our footprint globally.

One of the highlights of our exhibition is showing Andorate’s solution for Olympus endoscope users. Anodrate is the only brand offering high-performance infection prevention products for Olympus endoscopes. It covers Andorate’s signature suction valve, air water valve, air water bottle tubing, and irrigation tubing. Check out the products

Another highlight is Andorate’s latest tip guard. The best tip guard in the market that fits most endoscopes with simply one size. 

Most visitors are impressed with the clever design of the tip guard. It can be attached to the endoscope and ventilated at all times.

The Andorate tip guard is developed to be user-friendly. It can smoothly and gently slip onto the distal end of almost any endoscope.

This unique product is applied to 4 critical steps in endoscope reprocessing. They are washing and disinfection, drying and storage, transport and post-point-of-use. 

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