AquaPulse Irrigation Tubing

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AquaPulse Irrigation Tubing

Key Specifications

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AquaPulse Irrigation Tubing


What can go wrong with the irrigation during the GI procedure? Dripping, blowing up, breaking up, backflow, no priming could appear. Andorate irrigation tubing gives a 24-hour stable and reliable Read More...

What is this product for?

If you are looking for relatively stronger and more effective GI irrigation, Andorate’s GAR073 will suit your needs. This irrigation tubing is designed with an anti-backflow valve, suitable for 24-hour Read More...

Intended Use

The 24-hour use AquaPulse® Irrigation Tubing (tubing and accessories to accommodate various GI endoscopes and irrigation pumps) is intended to provide irrigation via a sterile water bottle during gastrointestinal endoscopic Read More...

Product available in these markets

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Compatible with

Olympus® OFP and Endo Stratus™ EGA-500 Irrigation Pump

Quantity per box

10 units


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