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GA Health’s Dedication to Sustainability

GA Health is working towards becoming the brand we aspire to be, focusing on production methods, raw materials, working conditions, and community engagement.

Driven by our vision to create a positive global impact through our business, since May 2023, GA Health has been passionately supporting 22q11 deletion syndrome. We enhance well-being, promote personal growth, and raise awareness about this genetic disorder.

Moreover, we started contributing to World Vision’s global initiatives for delivering essential health, education, and community development programs for children worldwide.

We implemented several measures in our operations in line with our sustainability goals. This resulted in a 36% reduction in wastewater from cleaning, a 15% increase in solar power utilisation for manufacturing, and 12% of the electricity was recycled.

So much has been achieved so far, but I believe we can go even further in the future. This is just the beginning.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey and helping us shape the story of GA Health.

Achieved a 36% reduction in wastewater during cleaning processes

Through the implementation of the deionised water generating system, a significant amount of 3,400 cubic meters of water was conserved in 2023.

15% of electricity powered by solar energy

In 2023, 15% of the electricity is powered by solar energy, generating 80KVA. This is equivalent to the electricity usage of thirty families for 12 months. We aim to increase solar power usage by 125% to 180KVA in 2024.

Achieved a 12% reduction in electricity consumption for the clean room system

Implemented the installation of an inverter on the air conditioning system to optimise electricity reuse.

Reduced packing volume by an impressive 37%

Strategic adjustments to the packaging configurations resulted in more efficient use of space and resources for transportation and distribution.

Significantly reduced the paper usage by 67%

We strive to eliminate the paper usage. By modifying the IFU layout, we have taken a significant step and saved 2 million pieces of A4 paper since 2021.

The use of plant-based ink

By utilising plant-based ink, we work to minimise the negative impact on the environment.

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