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GA Health Goes Global to Reach More Patients with Cutting-edge Endoscopy Solutions

Its endoscopy products are marketed under the Andorate brand, which features 12 prominent product families and more than 100 varieties


Cindy Ye, CEO and co-founder of GA Health.

Understanding the importance of early screening in improving the survival rate of gastrointestinal diseases, Global-Asia Health (GA Health) combines manufacturing technology with in-depth knowledge of users to develop infection-prevention endoscopic devices that promote better experiences for healthcare professionals and patients.

Established in 2008, GA Health has progressively built a reputation as one of the leading players in the endoscopy field, with an impressive global market network expansion.

“Our goal at GA Health is to become the global leader in infection prevention for endoscopy by using innovative solutions and working closely with healthcare professionals. We strive to exceed expectations and set a new standard for the industry by constantly researching and developing new products and services that keep us ahead of the curve,” said CEO and co-founder Cindy Ye.

GA Health is the top-of-mind choice for the procedure, cleaning, transport and storage of endoscopy products marketed under the Andorate brand – which features 12 prominent product families and more than 100 varieties. GA Health works with distributors to reach hospitals in Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

During endoscopy procedures, gastroenterologists need visualisation to examine a patient’s digestive tract. Valves and tubing on an endoscope work together for such a critical function by managing air, water, suction and biopsy collection during endoscopy procedures.

GA Health carefully designed and engineered Andorate valves and tubing to provide reliable and consistent performance for endoscopy procedures. Especially notable are the Andorate valves, designed with as tight a tolerance of 0.005mm to match ports on an endoscope – showcasing GA Health’s technological finesse.

The company is committed to using single-patient items to prevent cross-contamination. This approach protects patients, healthcare providers and the wider community.

GA Health’s primary markets are Europe and the United States, but it is also active in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. With the assistance of partners, GA Health is seeking to expand further in Asia-Pacific.


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