Secured Attachment without Moisture

The Best Tip Guard for GI Endoscopes

Endoscope Tip Guard GAR107 | Andorate | Single-use | Endo Procedure
Sterile Endoscope Tip Guard

Key Specifications

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Sterile Endoscope Tip Guard


How to reduce wear-and-tear during endoscope transport and storage? Ordinary products like the sponge do not allow the scope to dry completely, and the mesh tube does not provide strong Read More...

What is this product for?

Andorate tip guard is designed to softly attach to the scope at all times during transport and storage, with as little as possible contact with the scope. Andorate tip guard Read More...

Intended Use

The Endoscope Tip Guard is intended to protect the tip of the endoscope during transport and storage. It is not intended for use during sterilization.

Product available in these markets

Hong Kong, United States

Quantity per box

50 units


GA Health Company Limited
Unit 18, 21/F, Metropole Square, 2 On Yiu Street, Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong

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